By Boyan

October 9, 2014, 3:09 pm

V and Chamfer bits

i am testing the software in trial mode, latest update, so i am entering my tools and checking how it works. Great job! Will definitely buy it soon.

I have some questions about:

1. the V tools and chamber mills

- The typical small V tools the V does not extend more than the shank width, so it would be great to see a tick box where the V or chamfer mill auto extends for given angle to the shank width, so there is no need to put flute length
I am a bit confused about the formula you use there? I read here how to calculate the flute length https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060727150140AAbdOpR,
the formula for sides of Isosceles Triangle, so i came up with FL=((shank diam - tip diameter)/2)/cos((180-vertex angle)/2) if i am not mistaken. i ask cause at certain diameters your prog does not draw the form correctly/if i am not mistaken.
Anyway, it could be my mistake, so a tick box there will be nice.
2. Most of the V tools i use also have straight flute, certain length, shank diameter, so can profile and dig deeper in material + also apart of engrave. If something can be done there too? Of course if the tip is say 30 degree that is not needed cause speeding it up will break the tip, but say the tip is 90 degree, then it can dig deeper than the V, just an example


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Eldar Gerfanov (Admin)

October 9, 2014, 8:24 pm

I will see what i can do with the first flute length suggestion. Good idea!

Regarding the "incorrect" drawing, could you please post some screen shots?
I double checked everything and it seems fine to me.
I can not really tell how my original formula looked. i usually draw and solve on a piece of paper and then code it. so now it looks nothing like it:

Dim flute_x2 As Double = (flute_x1 + Math.Tan((90 - c.LeadAngle) * PI()) * c.Flute_Len) - xshift
Dim flute_y2 As Double = (c.Flute_Len)
Supposedly that is the shift of the corner of the flute from the tip radius.... i think.
It was so long ago, i do not even remember how to solve it.

Regarding "unusual" usage of V-bits. You can only cut as deep as your flute length allows.
It is impractical for me to add the second (straight) portion of the flute into the mix.

It would only complicate things a whole lot more.

I personally have not used the straight portion of the v-bit or a chamfer on purpose ever.
I can see whereit can be useful, but at this point, i do not thing there is a merit for that.



October 14, 2014, 1:55 am

thanks. It seems it works ok. Obviously was some mistake from my side. My formula FL=((shank diam - tip diameter)/2)/cos((180-vertex angle)/2) works also.

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