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By charkmandler

July 12, 2019, 8:10 am

Not understanding results in HSMAdvisor

I have entered an indexed end mill, dia 30mm and 3 flutes - actual cutter is a face mill. Cutting 6061 Aluminum
For my low powered 1 hp mill the software specifies DOC 2.0293mm, WOC 30mm with an outcome of rpm at 2000 (RPM limit of mill), feed 22.89In/min.

From experience I know that this will push the torque of my mill so changed the DOC to 1mm (which I know is ok). When I enter 1mm DOC (WOC remains at 30mm) the Torque value triggers a warning and is way beyond max as the Feed has been increased to 43.16in/min.

This also happens with other cutters - for instance a 12mm HSS end mill, the recommended DOC is 21mm whereas I only need a depth of 5mm. Changing the DOC to 5mm changed the WOC changes and the Feed increases greatly.

In both cases, if I reduce the feed rate the torque figure comes down but the chip load also goes down an in some cases (note quoted here) lower than min recommended.

Being new to the software I am sure there is something I am missing. Please could you advise, Mark

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Eldar Gerfanov

July 12, 2019, 9:52 am


There is an easy solution:

1) Set up your machine profile (if you have not done already) or download one from HSMAdvisor Cloud (there are lots of machines available there)
And then adjust your "Warning at" value down to match is your generic needs (screenshot 1)
This will make sure your cut aggressiveness matches your expectations.

3) Use "Performance Slider" to adjust performance expectations (screenshot 2)
This one too will reduce the Engagement values and power requirements.
You can also set the default Performance Slider value in the Settings->Defaults->Tool Performance.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Best regards.

Machine Profile Capture_HSMA_MACHINE_WARNINGAT.PNG Performance Slider Capture_HSMA_Perf_Slider.PNG

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