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By Karl.Oram

April 13, 2019, 10:55 am

Conical Barrel Tools

Hello there and 1st of all I have just joined this group and I am enjoying the software.

Is there a way to add in Conical Barrel tools to the Library, we are constantly using these tools and they are becoming very common in the aerospace communities.

I have attached a Emuge Frankin brochure and you can see there is a few additional parameters needed specifically the cutting point / diameter
They have a contact point described between a 1 an 0 where by putting 0.5 it will use the mid point of the radius to cut on.

Kind Regards

Emuge Frankin Conical Barrel Tools Kreissegment-Fräser Size:3.65 MB
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Eldar Gerfanov

April 13, 2019, 8:48 pm


I it is already possible to calculate for those cutters. Barrel cutters can be assumed to have straight flutes.

The only difficulty will be to calculate the doc that corresponds to the slant angle of the tool.

Usually I would just set DOC to the radius and WOC to the thickness of material being removed...

You should have no issue adding these tools to the database.

The Tool graphic on the right does a good job of showing the tool and DOC/WOC configuration.

Best Regards.

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