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By pulgoki

January 15, 2015, 3:32 pm

HSM chip load and sfm

Trying to get the hang of and understanding for the software so sorry if this is obvious.

I have set up a tool using manufacturer data. I then set up a cut to slot 1xD (per mfg data).

I notice that the sfm and chip load are different than the manufacturers data. I am wondering where this information comes from and how it is calculated.

I also notice that the chip load is adjusted for lower radial cut even when chip thinning is not checked.

I will leave my confusion with that for now. ;)

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Eldar Gerfanov

January 15, 2015, 9:01 pm


HSMAdvisor suggests default DOC according to many factors.
Obviously when your manufacturer suggests 1xD DOC and you enter custom speeds and feeds, the default DOC HSMAdvisor expects will be different. Most times it is in the ballpark though.

But i have thought about that.
In order to save custom Speed and Chipload WITH the recommended by the manufacturer DOC and/or WOC, you need to adjust Tool Performance slider (On Speed and Feed Overrides panel) to the left or to the right to increase or decrease expected level of Cutter Engagement.

In the first screenshot i adjusted the performance level to match closely with what manufacturer recommends

Then, as shown in the second Screenshot, i set up custom speeds and chipload for this tool.

Performance level gets saved with the tool record AND you get default DOC close enough to what your manufacturer suggests.

Beware of manufacturers giving you overly optimistic values, though.

My calculator is set up in such a way that 150% Feed and Speed override matches what most manufacturers suggest.

Also keep in mind that mi calculator will adjust speeds and feeds away from the custom numbers if you for example increase depth of cut or length of the tool.

Setting up tool CustomSFCapture1.PNG Saving Custom Chipload CustomSFCapture2.PNG Cutting params match what manufacturer suggests. CustomSFCapture3.PNG

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