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By MarcusWolschon

November 6, 2017, 5:40 pm


It seems that the website hosting FSWizard:Online does not support Https.
In 2017 this is a serious and trivial to correct oversight as LetsEnctypt certificates are free
and browsers have started to not remember passwords and actively warn about entering them on any unencrypted websites.
(Such as entering the email of a payed license into FSWizard:Online to get the full material selection.)


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Eldar Gerfanov

November 6, 2017, 8:16 pm

Well. HSMAdvisor does have ssl. And I only put it up because PayPal required it for a site accepting payments.

For FSWizard.... I will see what I can do with it.
The hosting I use does not make using free certs easy to set up and renew, so I would have to purchase it.
Will it land me more sales?
Will it make anything more secure?

I am not handling payments here. Just email and a name. Something that is available on your Google profile anyway.



November 7, 2017, 1:07 am

Sounds like an outdated hosting contract with older conditions then.
Since quite a few years I know SSL to be a free standard-feature even in the smallest (e.g. 1.9eur/month) of packages.
But I see your problem.

(Of cause it would make things more secure. Any user in the same WiFi network can just set up or change someone else's
password, post spam/insults/... and cause all kinds of mayhem. Using non-standard software just lowers the change of
anyone having already automated that. At events we reglarly used to have user's sessions, emails, postings and passwords
scrolling by on public projection screens if they are foolish enough to use unencrypted and unauthenticated services
in the untrusted event-network. To educate them that the Wifi on their high-speed-train, McDonalds, airport or hotel is
just as untrustworthy.)


Eldar Gerfanov

November 10, 2017, 11:07 pm

Thank you for your feedback.

I have added SSL certificates to both the and domains.

Best regards.


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