By omar

July 7, 2014, 3:52 am

incorrect Vc

Hi there :

downloaded your program to my IPhone
Tool Diameter 1.
4 flute
RPM 1000
FEED 20.00
FZ .005

I should be getting for Vc 261.79 why do I get 157
Also clicking ball nose has no effect on the the porgram
I would like to calculate radial Chip thickness for ball endmill


cant leave messages here
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Eldar Gerfanov (Admin)

July 7, 2014, 8:39 am
Updated by: Eldar Gerfanov (Admin)July 12, 2014, 10:16 pm

For your SFM question please see attached image.
I have a feeling you are using a ballnose endmill with DOC less than the radius of the tool.
In which case effective cutting diameter will be less than 1.0"
Effective Diameter is controlled by DOC alone.
So far there is no dedicated chip thinning calculator, but chip thinning is calculated internally and applies when chip thinning box is selected.
A dedicated thinning calc is in the works.

14047399620850.jpg 14047399620850.jpg


July 7, 2014, 1:49 pm


Thanks for the sketch. I think I figured out the problem. .5 was in the corner radius
shouldn't unchecking ballnose make the corner radius 0. if its zero that would mean it's a square endmill?
is the corner radius used only with ball nose endmills or can you use it with square endmills with radius?



Eldar Gerfanov (Admin)

July 7, 2014, 9:57 pm

Yeah it probably should.
On my Desktop app it does that, but it is hard to keep things consistent considering those are two completely djfferent languages.

I will make it right in the next update.

Yes you can use corner radius for bullnose cutters.
This is the main reason for that field.

All "Ballnose" check box does is forsing corner rad to be half of cutter diameter.

Thank you for letting me know.




July 8, 2014, 1:43 pm

I just recently purchase FSWizard for my IPhone. I am trying to understand how the sofware works to be more proficient with it. I like to understand what is happening when number changes. For example I am using
a regular solid endmill.

Tool Diameter 1.
4 flute
RPM 1000
FEED 20.00
FZ .005
Vc 262

In the engagement screen how does the DOC and WOC works

I put 1inch for my WOC but if I put .5 for my DOC the WOC change to .512
then if I chnage my DOC to .2 it change WOC to 1.
if I change to DOC to .3 it change WOC to .853
What's the program trying to do?

BTW Good Job on the program


Eldar Gerfanov (Admin)

July 8, 2014, 5:41 pm

Thank you for your purchase!

As you noticed the program is very different from most other calculators out there.

Each tool comes with a set of defaults to it. Those include default length, flute length etc.
Default values are the ideal ones they are masked with yellow color. Any deviation from ideal cuases things to change.
To reset any input to default, click on the label to the left of the field.

Now. Milling tools come with default DOC and WOC. (depth and width of cut).
When you change the tool srickout to for example 4x the diameter, default DOC will reduce considerably.
In other words it is suggesting you a new depth of cut for extra-long tool.

If you enter your own larger DOC, FSWizard will try to reduce the feedrate to compensate.

DOC and WOC are linked together. If you decrease the DOC, woc will increase.
And wise-verse, increaese in DOC will cause WOC to decrease.

This is called cut balancing and is aimed at achieveing constant tool load under different cutting conditions.

One last example: if you decrease tool load (decrease WOC/DOC or both) from default values, calculator will try to increase the feedrate on softer materials.

Also various materials will suggest different DOC.

It is sort of trying to Calculate all possible variables and come up with optimal Speeds and Feeds that will not break the endmill.

I recommend to use speeds and feeds as is, but on the machine always try to strart with lower than suggested depths of cut. Until you gain confidence in your machine and tooling.

IE. Sometimes it would produce results out of my machines capabilities (gotta watch HP value) but my customers with stronger and more rigid machines manage to get even higher material removal values.

If you have a PC try my HSMAdvisor calc. It has machine profiles, watches cutter deflection, spindle power and torque, saves tooling and cuts and is the most fail-safe tool out there.



July 9, 2014, 3:29 pm

Hi there:

I understand that this APP does tremendous calculations I am getting better at understanding
what it is calculating. With the above example. If I have DOC .1 WOC 1.
if I tap WOC then enter I get
RPM 800
Feed 16.00
Vc 209
fz .005
then if I tap DOC with .1 tap enter it changes back to the orginal parameter
what is being calculated when I tap WOC. Keep in mind all my settings is for regular solid
endmill not a ball



Eldar Gerfanov (Admin)

July 9, 2014, 11:26 pm

Screenshot #1:
Starting point. Both values are default for this tool type.
THEORETICALLY a tool will be able to make the cut.

Screenshot #2:
You change (decrease in this case) DOC to whatever number you want.
Default WOC changes: (increases)because now we have smaller DOC, it is possible to make wider cut
Also (screenshot does not show, because i forgot to set corner rad to zero) Fedrate will increase slightly, because now we are removing less material.

Screenshot #3
You set both DOC and WOC to 0.1 - it is a light cut.
If there is any room to increase the feedrate, it will try to do so.

Screenshot #4
You tap on DOC label and DOC resets do default, CONSIDERING that our custom WOC is 0.1
Hence it allows you to take much deeper cut.

Basically you set one field to your custom number, and then by taping the label on the other field you cause that other field to re-balance ACCORDINGLY.
If you take bigger cut, feedrate will reduce.
and if you take lighter cut, feedrate will increase.

I hope this would help you out.

DOC and WOC default 2014-07-10_00-07-57.png DOC=Custom, WOC=Default 2014-07-10_00-08-10.png Both Custom 2014-07-10_00-08-21.png DOC=Default, WOC=Custom 2014-07-10_00-07-28.png


July 13, 2014, 9:19 pm

Thanks for the explanation. This is a really dynamic program

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