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By BryonF

October 19, 2021, 8:19 am

HSM Function How it works properly

I don’t completely understand the HSM button specifically and when/how to use it

I use the chip thinning option all the time when I rough, I use Fusion 360 for my CAM software so I use adaptive clearing for roughing And the Chip thinning button really helps in this situation. It removes material quickly in this situation

When I use the chip thinning option I will generally set it to the 12% of the cutter like the popup recommends and full axial depth. With that combo I generally have no issues as long as the set up is rigid enough to hold the part.

When do you use the HSM Button? I don’t understand that part and how to utilize it properly so I don’t use it, I want to use it to utilize the calculator to the fullest.

So for a quick reference

I have a Haas Super Mini

10,000 max rpm

15 horse motor

833 ipm max feed rate

The cutter we will use in this situation

Will be a ½ variable 3 flute end mill ZRN coated

Sticks out of the holder 1.375

Flute length 1.250 I will mill full length of the cutter in the scenirio

If I was cutting aluminum with the above specs

When and where do I use the HSM feature specifically ?

When I try to use it I cannot get anymore rpms as I max out even with the chip thinning option so it shows no difference when I turn it on.

When milling aluminum I already max out with RPMS.

when i do turn on the HSM function the cut speed slider on the right of it will drop fro 100% to around 40%, but the actual feedrate does not change whatsoever in the top right corner.

What am i missing here and I dont really know when to change the slider portion as well for the speed and feed sliders.

I have reached out to the developer I dont really understand his answer. his answer is use the bubble pop up to know its function.

again however I see no difference in the sppeds and feeds when i apply the HSM function.

When do I use this and how

Thank you for your help

I just want to get the maximun out of this calculator


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Eldar Gerfanov (Admin)

October 19, 2021, 9:08 am
Updated by: Eldar Gerfanov (Admin)September 27, 2023, 9:18 pm


Sorry for the unsatisfactory answer over the email.
As I said, the HSM check box increases the cutting speed when machining at low radial engagement.
It is beneficial when machining hard-to-machine metals.

Please take a look at this Screenshot 1.

Machining pre-hardened D2. Here you can see that HSM is off, and the recommended cutting speed is 318 f/min.

But since we are cutting at just 10% radial engagement, we are doubling the tool life (190%). The tool will run slow for a very long time, which is not very productive in many cases because time is money.

What we can do instead is enable the HSM check box (Screenshot 2)

You can see that now Cutting Speed, Feed Rate, and MRR is higher.

It will cost some tool life (you can see it is now 71%).


If you don't see any effect in your material, you don't need it since the material is soft and easy to machine enough.

Like in your case, aluminum would run at max RPM regardless.

Hopefully, this answers your questions and clears confusion.

Best regards!

Screenshot 1 Capture1.PNG Screenshot 2 Capture2.PNG

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