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HSMAdvisor 0.020 Is available for download

March 6, 2013, 12:49 am by Eldar Gerfanov

Things new in this version:

  • Added Lead Angle/Taper Angle/Tip Angle switch that allows to specify the angle of the cutting edge.
  • Added V-Bit engraving cutters.
  • Added wood materials
  • Stainless steels from Medium and Easy groups have been revised.

Tool library changes:

  • Tools no longer carry any information about material or engagement- all that extra data is now saved with Cuts
  • Fixed a small bug with copy/move function.

    HSMAdvisor 0.018 Is available for download

    February 25, 2013, 1:20 am by Eldar Gerfanov

    HSMAdvisor 0.018 is avilable for download.

    First of all we have a new feature.
    It is Machine Profiles now users can maintain their own machine types.

    Inside machine profiles users can specify machine power curve that allows to warn user if power required to make the cut is outside machine power curve.

    Because of added new features version 0.018 now requires .NET 4.0 or later

    Also several bugs have been fixed:

    • Serial Key bug that caused some keys to malfunction and not recornise by the program.
    • Comma/Dot decimal point in some locales have been fixed




    HSMAdvisor v0.017 is available for Download!

    February 9, 2013, 5:55 pm by Eldar Gerfanov

    I have just released HSMAdvisor build 0.017!

    First you should uninstall the previous version.
    As some of the data files are not compatible with the version 0.017

    After downloading and installing it you will receive another 30 days to play with my software.

    New things:

    • A bunch of new materials
      Structural steels added 1035, 1045 and some other
    • Grooving turning tool added to the tool list
    • Several Tools and Cuts can now be selected at the same time and deleted or moved to a different Library
    • Double click on myCut ToolLibrary now causes the Tool/Cut to load
    • HSM Cutting speed compensation now only turns on when HSM/Chip Thinning is checked.
    • Huge number of bugs fixed.

    Get it HERE ->

    Enjoy and don't forget to leave your feedback.
    You can do so support forums.

    Unfortunately because of high number of spam messages You will have to register first (unless you already did)

    Forums are located at, a simple registration on my web site (, register) allows you to post your questions/feature requests/suggestions.

    Need i remind you that registered users who actively participate get full version for FREE?


    New Name for FSWizard is HSMAdvisor !

    January 27, 2013, 11:06 pm by Eldar Gerfanov

    As you know the long-awaited standalone version of FSWizard is being prepared for the release right now.

    I am changing the name it is going to be marketed under.

    Down the line The product is going to consist of many modules.
    And in order to give it a name that would encompass a wide variety of tools under one umbrella it has been decided to change the name of the solution to HSMAdvisor

    A new website is being constructed right now around new product

    It is going to be located at

    But we are not forgetting where we came from.

    FSWizard is becomming one module inside HSMAdvisor solution.
    So you will still see FSWiz name popping up here and there.

    Also as i said earlyer and robably against better judgement i will keep HSMAdvisor(FSWizard):Online Calulator you have come to love and depend on free for everyone to use.


    FSWizard:Online Thread Milling Added

    December 20, 2012, 1:09 am by Eldar Gerfanov

    FSWizard:Online has a new feature.

    Thanks to a suggestion made by Kennis on Suppport Forums we now have basic thread milling speed/feed online solution.

    Take it for a spin guys.

    If you have anything else to say regarding this feature, or maybe some suggestions please reply to this forum thread

    And keep your suggestions rolling!


    Thoughts on FSWizard Future

    December 18, 2012, 12:59 am by Eldar Gerfanov

    Where do we stand and how did we get here.

    When i first started FSWizard project one year ago in December 2011. I felt the need to upgrade my knowledge and skill-set regarding speeds, feeds and best cutting conditions.

    Other calculators available at that time simply did not cut it for me.

    One of them did not account for such important parameters as tool length.

    The other did not care about such crucial tool geometry features like helix angle, shank diameter, lead angle and so on.

    As a result i have endeavoured on a mission to build the best calculator that would accurately predict cutting forces, cutter deflection and suggest best cutting modes using all available tool data for multitude of combinations of work-piece/tool materials, coatings and tool types.

    It has been a year of research, building cutter and material models, applying REAL MACHINING experience.

    All results were tested in REAL PRODUCTION environment.

    Today thanks to FSWizard, machines i work on produce 200%-300% more parts per day than 1 year ago.

    It has been one year since i have started.
    And i believe i have achieved my original goal.

    Today The FREE FSWizard gives far better results than many expensive solutions available on the market.

    FSWizard:Standalone is the only available program that will warn you if cutter will be reaching its breaking point.

    In fact we see paying users of other programs asking their developers for features that have been long implemented in FSWizard.
    And we see those developers finally moving out of their comfort zone and trying to improve their program's functionality.

    Where do we go from here?

    What does the future hold for this project?

    No one really knows.
    Unlike others who can talk the speed/feed game, I am not into marketing.
    I don't do a particularly good job of persuading people that my product is the best thing that happened to the CNC world.

    All i have is 2 hours of free time on my hands after work and a ton or real-world machining experience not many in the software business can brag about.

    All that remains to say here is

    I am not using words "product" ,"consumers" and "business" just by accident.

    Next release version of FSWizard:Standalone 0.015 PRO will be a commercial product.

    It will be sold as a 1 year subscription.

    I am not yet sure about the pricing.
    But i know that i will make it subscription-based and the price will be very affordable.

    This is the only way to move forward on this.

    If you have any comments or thoughts, i would love to hear them out.



    FSWizard:Standalone News!

    December 11, 2012, 6:51 pm by Eldar Gerfanov

    Download link to the standalone version has been removed ahead of a major release planned this month.

    We have decided to not keep a version vastly inferior to the next one available for download any longer.

    Sorry and check back in a short while.


    October 26, 2012, 7:30 am by Eldar Gerfanov

    The ONLY FREE CNC Speeds and Feeds Calcualtor

    Confidently calculate cutting conditions for hundreds of work-piece materials and of combinations of tooling types and coatings.

    • Accurately Estimate cutting forces involved in machining process and prevent tool breakage.
    • Estimate machine power requirement and help choose best tool for the job.
    • Suggest safe and practical Axial and Radial engagement values.
    • Compensate for reduced-shank, long and extra-long tools.
    • Improve cycle times and tool life
    • UNIQUE feature that allows to set comfortable levels of cutter torque and deflection and prevent cutter breakage.
    • Ideal for use as your Dynamic / Thoroidal / Truemill calculator

    Please visit the project page for download link, support and instructions.


    FSWizard v0.01 Standalone Has been Released!!

    September 10, 2012, 7:41 am by Eldar Gerfanov

    Fow Windows XP and later.

    It has just been released.

    Please test it out and tell me what you think!!!!!

    Download it HERE


    FSWizard: Online CNC Machinists Calculator

    October 14, 2011, 8:33 pm by Eldar Gerfanov

    FSWizard Online is:

    FSWizard is here

    It is the most accurate Online Feeds and Speeds Calulator.

    In order for every user to enjoy latest modifications and most accurate results, it is WEB Based.
    This means that you can use it across all imaginable operational systems and devices.
    All you need is an internet connected WEB browser.
    No download or installation is required: Just visit the web page.

    Also a full functioning mobile version is available.

    Key Features of FSWizard:

    Read More 
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