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HSMAdvisor v1.206

November 19, 2015, 11:09 pm by Eldar Gerfanov (Admin)

Tool Inventory Advisor is now included into all HSMAdvisor License types!

This feature is absolutely free for HSMAdvisor customers. No special login is required. It is already built in!

Please download the latest update to enjoy the latest update!
Some video tutorials will be published this weekend.

Also in the this update:

  • Changed the look of Material and Tool drop-downs
  • Added search to Tool list drop-down
  • Uploaded new machines to the HSMAdvisor Cloud
  • Improved function of Tool Library
    Fixed small bugs
    "Shared Database" flag is now set in the database file itself

Tool Inventory Advisor: Workflow Overview

November 9, 2015, 10:04 pm by Eldar Gerfanov (Admin)

TiAdvisor (Tool Inventory Advisor) is a new feature under development within HSMAdvisor.

Unlike most cases when developers design a standalone product and then go through a laborious work of integrating it into existing software products, i decided to go the other way.

TiAdvisor will be developed as an integral part of HSMAdvisor and then, once complete, will be moved into a separate standalone product. This will make for seamless integration between our software products.

What TiAdvisor does

  • Keeps track of inventory levels.
  • Automatically add tools that are low in stock to Purchase Request List
  • Generate and print Purchase Request form
  • Add tools to stock when they are received

More functions are being worked on.

Download TiAdvisor bundled with HSMAdvisor over here:

TiAdvisor Workflow

Specify Stock quantity and "Min Stock Qty" to to allow TiAdvisor warn you when number of tools in stock gets below the Min value:

Or click on "Add Tool To Request" to directly add the tool to a future Purchase Request:

When there are any tools on the current unfinished Request Order a red flag will show up on the status area prompting you to create a Purchase Request:

Click on the Red flag and in the new window enter the number of tools you want to order into the "Request" column:

 After you enter the number of tools, please click "Create Purchase Request Form" button.

It will take you to a form that will let you specify details about the request you are making.
You can specify handling information, company logo, etc:

Click on "Export Purchase Request" button to preview and print out your request when you are satisfied with how it looks:

To Finalize your Request and set those tool items into "Waiting for Delivery" mode click "Save Request" button.
You can Now close the window by pressing Cancel button.

You can see the tools, that are waiting for delivery by clicking on the Yellow flag in the status area:

When Any or All of the tools are received you should enter the received amount into "Received" column and then to finalize the operation click "Apply Received to stock".
This will add the Received amount to the stock and subrtract from the "On Request" amount.


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