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The job of a software developer is to solve problems.

So naturally, when I wanted to easily edit a screenset for UCCNC motion control software, I decided to create an app for that!

You can find it here:

Currently, the list of features include:

  • Selecting and aligning multiple elements at the same time
  • When multiple elements of the same kinds are selected, you can also modify their properties at once.
  • You can generate and export buttons:
  • You can add and assign pictures to buttons:
  • You can Create, Copy and Delete selected elements.
  • Images can now be loaded in any directory within Flashscreen:
  • It also has a 10-step undo button!

In all, I killed 3 weekends working on it, so perhaps, it did not save me much time, compared to doing without it.
But I also had a lot of good time figuring out how to parse a large C# config file, split it into thousands of nodes and render them on the screen.

There may be some bugs in there I didn't catch, so if you find anything weird, just let me know.

Make sure to back up your existing profile because it will override the imported file when you click "Save".


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April 19, 2022, 8:19 pm

Excellent work!!



July 3, 2022, 2:26 am

Fabulous! Will definitely try it out!

You should setup a way to donate.

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