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This update fixes the no-message shutdown when your trial expires!

What else is new and improved in this update:

  • Fixed no-message shutdown upon expiration of the trial.
  • Improved cutting speeds and feeds for milling.
  • Added 416 SS material
  • Added "Insert" check box and input field to treat Tools as if they were inserts.
  • Added internal "Copy/Paste" functionality to quickly populate custom S&F tables.
  • Added icons to the bottom taskbar.
  • Installer now checks which .NET version you are running and offers to download if it is missing.

Below are most of the new features in a nutshell:

You can see the new Icons on the bottom taskbar.
The old ugly text has been replaced by neat icons:

  1. Home Page: Opens page in your web browser
  2. Support Forums: Opens Support Forums in your web browser
  3. Feedback: Opens a simple Feedback page to quickly lave a meassage without the need to register.
  4. Help: Opens HSMAdvisor Online Help.

Also as you can see from the picture some tools can not be specified as "Inserts".
They still function as normal tools. You can even specify custom Speeds and Feeds for them.
This was done to make the job of people who have to keep track inserts easier:)

Thank you, everybody for great feedback!



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