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From this point on, all holders of valid HSMAdvisor licenses will be eligible to free Life-Time updates and upgrades to their HSMAdvisor product.
Likewise there is not going to be a big functionality jump between the version 1.99 and 2.0 like in some other software products.

This release model is called "rolling release" and it is becoming the new industry norm.
It offers smoother transition and no steep learning curve for existing users. It also helps prevent unavoidable bugs when a large amount of changes is introduced all at once.

Hence the second piece of the news: 

The sale of the old HSMAdvisor "Permanent License" package has been discontinued.

A couple of days ago we stopped selling the old "Permanent with 1 year of free updates" license package, that had been selling for more than two and a half (sic!) years.
For a while it was the only available package and it sold great! Now, however, it is being outsold by our Floating Licenses.

There is a number of reasons for this decision: 

  • Because even though a version has become obsolete, I still have to support it.
  • Newest cool Cloud features (being implemented right now) require most of the users to be more or less on the same version.
  • I just hate the though of a user somewhere being stuck on an old and obsolete version of my software.
    Yes, I know it works fine for you like it is (from time to time i see people with 1 year-old version), but I would like all customers to have the latest and the greatest.
  • To disallow updates for licenses with expired maintenance would require significant investments of time from my side. Which would involve creating new product code, following by the need to update license keys for ALL seats sold to this date.
    Instead of making my users (and mine too) lifes harder, I would rather spend the time adding new features to our products.

In light of the above-mentioned reasons the only available Permanent license type is now the new "Permanent License" that includes Life-Time Updates. It is just like the old Permanent License, but the maintenance on it never expires.

I am assuring the holders of the old Permanent License packages that nothing is going to change in the way they own and operate the software. My customers never get the short end of the stick and you will be taken care of.

More details on this are to follow when we are ready to move to HSMAdvisor 2.0


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