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I would like to thank everyone who has helped with the development of our software by investing your time and money, making suggestions, reporting bugs, recommending our software on various professional online message boards and to your colleagues.

Every bit of money I charge for our software goes back to development.

Unlike most other software developers, who often hold back on features to not allow their products to compete with each-other, every useful feature available on mobile FSWizard goes to the desktop-based HSMAdvisor and vise-versa. Even if it ends up hurting overall sales.

I was the first developer who was able to bring a speed and feed calculator as complex as FSWizard to the mobile platform and I have just uploaded another update to FSWizard Mobile app, that makes it even more powerful. Almost as powerful in fact as HSMAdvisor.

Why bother? Why create a competing product that does almost as much, but costs almost 3 times cheaper?

Because I know that most of our mobile users are not only unable to buy a more expensive desktop product, but they are also often younger, less experienced and hold machinist positions without access to desktop computers.

These users deserve every help they need to grow skills and their careers.

And when they grow to be CNC Programmers and get to sit in the office, they would need something more convenient and more powerful.

I hope they then remember that the same guy who develops FSWizard:Mobile also develops an even cooler desktop application called HSMAdvisor, that will certainly help keep their bosses even happier than before!

Once again, thank you, guys. Please have a Safe and Prosperous New Year.


Here is the list of recent changes to FWizard:Mobile v1.38

  • New Workpiece Materails
    FSWizard:Mobile has now caught up with HSMAdvisor regarding its material database
    The sheer number of them hakes me think about adding a search feature, similar to HSMAdvisor's
  • New 90 Degree Flat Head Screw Reference
  • 2 New tool types: Solid Ball Nose and Indexed Ball Nose end mills
  • Default depth of cut for milling, now accounts for Number of Flutes and Workpiece Material
    Another feature that migrated from HSMAdvisor. FSWizard now accounts for even more factors when it suggests default cutting depth
  • Updated Triangle Calculator
  • Geometry calculators now show dimentioning at the right time
  • HSMAdvisor login info will be stored on the phone
    Holders of joined HSMADvisor/FSWizard license now automatically update their Databases when installing a new version.

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