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First of all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

There has been a spur in development in the last couple of weeks.
Mainly due to the fact that i took a vacation from my day job.

I also used this time to pay a visit to some businesses operating in the area to get some feedback on my software, hear out their needs and desires.

I have not been able to post about the latest updates, so let's summarize what we have at this moment in the latest v1.110 update

  • New 90 Degree metric Flat Head screw reference tool
  • Ability to use comma sign instead of dot as a decimal point.
    HSMAdvisor will still convert comma to dot, but now it treats input properly
    This was done to accommodate users whose language settings use comma on their numpad
  • Fixed scaling for all DPI types.
  • Added a bunch of materials like Machinable Wax, Plywood, some Steels etc.
  • Improved and made more predictable loading of tools and cuts from the database
  • Made improvements to Machine definition window.

Most of the work has been finished on the CAM integration feature.
If any of you, my users, feel like you want the FREE integration with their favorite CAM, please nag your CAM support and/or sales desk!!



Now did I mention I plan on NOT changing a dime for the integration feature?

If not, then let me repeat it again.

CAM Integration feature will come at no price for my users!

So if i were you, i would file support tickets (make some phone calls, write letters) to your CAM providers and ask them to consider enabling their software to speak with mine.

My contact details can be found here:

Have a nice New Year!

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