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I think it is time to reflect on latest changes to our HSMAdvisor and look at survey results.

Thanks to your input I was able to make changes that I believe addressed some of the issues you guys were having.

You can download and try HSMAdvisor for 30 more days here

This update resets your trial counter back to "30 days left", so if your old trial expired, you can use it for one month more.

First of all, I put all of the available overrides on plain sight. Now you do not need to expand a panel to access speed/feed overrides.

I also added cutting speed and chipload to the collapsed view.

Machine Panel now has  Max RPM on collapsed view.

Gages panel now is not expandable and has  deflection and torque limit on plain sight.

Warnings panel now displays cutting info and warnings boxes with scrollbars only when it is expanded.

All of the known font and screen resolution problems have been fixed.

Now lets analize the survey results.

It seems like most of you guys, liked the way the old UI worked.

But many wanted to see even more information on the screen.

It is obvious that the old interface was not scalable and it was impossible to accomodate any more information on the screen.

I believe the new UI addresses that problem by showing more relevant information at the same time than the inks one.

Secondly. It seems like the new UI has a pretty steep learning curve for the old users. While old UI rated got "good" average on almost all of the questions, the new UI while rating slightly above on visual appeal, rated below average on ease of understanding where information is located and how it got there.

I believe I tackled this problem by bringing more controls to the collapsed view.

Basically as it stands now, only controls that are hidden are rarely used anyways......

Most importantly while most people disliked the new UI, majority seemed to like the direction the new interface is heading. Possibly you see how this new framework will allow me to add even more features, without ever being short on screen real estate.

The last point Is very important. The reaction in the beginning was so lukeworm, that I was seriously considering rolling back to the old UI. Over 90% positive on the last survey question tells me you are not only confident I will make it work, but that I will make it work better than ever before.

That is all I had to say. Thank you for feedback and support!

Also thank you for letting the word out about my software and the sales I am having.

If you have any input on this, do not be shy and tell me your thoughts. 

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May 8, 2014, 9:38 am

Sounds great.. But where;'s the download link? Or maybe a screenshot? :)


Eldar Gerfanov

May 8, 2014, 6:07 pm

Yeah sorry.
I typed this on my phone and could not add anything to spice it up.

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