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Happy Good Friday and a Happy Easter!

It has been over one month since the last sale. And i would like to kick this one off by releasing the latest improved version of HSMAdvisor.

Starting Today all HSMAdvisor licenses are on 25% discount!

Well, i actually released it a day ago. Just could not hold it to my self and wanted to share it with all the customers who are anxiously awaiting for something new!

As i mentioned before, in this update i completely redesigned the Speed and Feed Calculator's interface.

Typical workflow would consist of filling up all available information top- to bottom.

The most important input fields are now located on horizontal panels.

Each panel has a name and carries a certain set of data:

But wait, there is more!

Most panels can now also expand revealing all the secondary less important fields that you can use for fine-tuning your calculations:

Again starting NOW you can get any HSMAdvisor license at 25$ discount

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April 22, 2014, 1:16 pm

I have to say, I actually found the old UI to be more usable.. I now find myself searching for items, as the new vertical flyouts make it so nothing is in a fixed position. The old layout also made better use of window space as the formatting matched a monitors aspect ratio better (information was spread out horizontally, rather than just a single vertical column.)
The new one is visually a bit more appealing and I like the color scheme, but just doesnt seem quite as functional.. I suppose I can always roll back.


Eldar Gerfanov (Admin)

April 22, 2014, 7:06 pm

When you get used to something and are comfortable with it, the old layout was in fact better In  a way that everything was on the screen.
ButI i feel I lost a lot of first time users who just launched the app for the first time and were completely overwhelmed by the amount of information on the screen.
Even I - the guy who created it, had to for a few moments get accustomed to the UI after a couple of days of break from it.
Please give me suggestions on how to make the current layout better. Give it a little time maybe it will grow on you.
I also plan to add presets, so it will save panel states between shutdowns.
Generally I feel the new UI shows more imprortant information and takes less screen space. 
Criticism is welcome.

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