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Hello gentleman,

This has been a great run.
Many of suggested features were implemented.
All of the reported bugs fixed and still there is so much to do left.

Out "get it for free" program however has ended.

Here is a list of people who qualified for a free license.






bevinp 1 1 2
spooq 1   1
jason.t 1 1 2
Kennis   2 2
rlockwood   2 2
Bruce 1   1
RotoRob 1   1
alloutmx 2   2
Scott_M   2 2
cschaffter 1   1
Blue_Chips 4(too many to count) 2 6
rem300wm 1   1
mike   2 2
rloncohen   1 1
xthump 1   1
ChristopherSims   1 1

Users who earned at least 2 points got qualified!

Pleaase send me email at with your:

Last Name
email address
Computer ID key

Those are users who gave suggestions on support forums.

If you wrote me emails, please get in touch with me anyway. Most of my email contacts who was involved into beta-testing have already gotten their keys.

Qualified users who suggested by email are:

  • Stan stanmc@****.net
  • David C. Allen

If you feel left out please get in touch with me. i could have forgotten somebody.

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