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As part of FS Wizard's development. 2 drills were tested today on T6061 Aluminum.

0.312 Dia and 0.390 Dia Dormer A002 Drill Jobber Drill with TiN coated tip.


Point:Split, 118Deg.

Hole depth for both was 3.0"".

Peck equaled 1xDia

Speeds and Feeds for 0.312 Dia drill were

SFM: 250 f/min

RPM: 3062
APT: 0.00778 in/rev
Feed: 47.66 in/min
MRR: 3.6 in^3/min
HP: 0.8
Torque: 16.7 in-lb
Breaking Torque: 31.3 in-lb

Both drills performed well showing almost exacly the same Horse power consumprion as predicted for the first inch.

Between 1 and 2 inches of depth Horse power consumprion was 150% of predicted.
Between 2 and 3 inches of depth Horse power consumprion was 200% of predicted.

This means that at this depth both drills came pretty close to the breaking point.
Clearly for deeper holes either more frequient peck or lower speed/feed combination is required.

FS Wizard: Dormer Drill test on T6061 Aluminum
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