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Tool Inventory Control has been added to HSMAdvisor as a free feature for our customers.

Here is a quick video explaining how to use this new feature.

Should you have any questions or recommendations please let me know via email or support forums.

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First FSWizard video!

January 17, 2015, 4:43 pm

I have just uploaded my first FSWizard CNC MAchinists Speed and Feed Calculator video tutorial.

This is a quick walk through the basic functionality when using milling tools.

Please excuse my tired voice and occasional stuttering. This was my 9th take- every time either my computer crashed or i was interrupted by my kids running around and causing mess.

I am planning to release more videos. So please let me know what other topics i need to cover.

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One of the latest additions to HSMAdvisor speed and feed calculator is the ability to set manufacturer-recommended speeds and feeds for work-piece materials and groups of materials.

Here is a YouTube video walk-through showing how to add S&F tables into the program

HSMAdvisor uses Brand Name and Series Name to assign speed and chipload tables to tools.

A new "Speed and Feed Source" (S&F Source) indicator has been added to quickly tell user which speed and feed table is being used right now.

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Plugins Tab now has functionality to Download and Save webpages to your computer, so they are always available offline.

There is now an address bar on the bottom of the screen.
If you enter URL address and click go, you can load website in a new tab.

You can save it as one page by right-clicking on corresponding tab and selecting "Save Page on Disk":

Alternatively you can save your webpage in ".mht" format using Internet Explorer into HSMAdvisor\plugins\ folder.

Next time you launch HSMAdvisor, your saved web page will show up in Plugins Tab.

This is where all plugins are saved:

You can use *.HTML, *.HTM, *.MHT and *.TXT files.

If you have any Microsoft Word documents you would like to keep there as well, you can save them "As Web Page" and copy to the plugins folder.

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In this tutorial we are going to explore different options and techniques when programming cutter movement.

Lets begin with a simple part shown in a drawing below.

Basically it is a rectangular piece 4.00x2.00
For the purpose of simplicity lets make the depth of our profile (z- dimention) 0.75"

We are going to use a 0.5" dia endmill, again because it is a very common size and is easy to do basic math with.

I took a liberty of puting locations for our part/toolpath, so it is easy to extract numbers from the drawing just by looking at it.

Notice the green rectangle. This rectangle represents the path that the center of the tool will have to take to produce the part with required dimentions.
The thing is: because endmills have certain diameter, the center of the tool must be always offset by its radius.

There are two ways of doing that.

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At my day job I am starting to do more and more manual programming.

Which i do not realy like, but since am at it anyway i have decided to keep piling little articles about G-Code programming into this new category.
This way when i forget things again i will be able to quicly refresh my memory.

Program Start


Starting safety blocks

(G17 XY ARC PLANE, G18-XZ, G19-YZ)

G20 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90

Tool Change Routine

(T14 - call 2.5" Face mill)
(M6 - Perform tool change)
(G0 - rapid feedrate)
(G55-G59 - Choose Work Offset)
(X, Y - Command a Position to move to)
(S - choose spindle speed)
(M03 - Turn spindle on Clockwise, M04 - Counter-clock wise)

T14 M6
G0 G54 G90 X{X} Y{Y} S{SPEED} M03;

Apply Tool length offset at retract height, Turn on Coolant

(G43 H14 Z2.0 - All codes must be in the same line Apply cutter length offset from record #14 to cuttent tool, move to 2.0 above work at the same time )
(M8 - Turn on Coolant)

G0 G43 H14 Z2.0 M8

Rapid tool to plunge height


Plunge to cutting depth at plunge feedrate


Make a straight cut in xy direction at cutting feedrate


Retract to plunge height at either rapid or retract feedrate


Retract to rapid height, turn off colant

(M09 - Turn OFF coolant)


Retract to tool change height, turn off spindle

(G28 G91 Z0 - all coes must be in the same line, move Z axis to HOME POSITION through a reference point)
(G91 Z0 - Causes reference point to be the current location, thus sending axis straight up )
(M05 - Turn off spindle)

G0 G28 G91 Z0 M05

Perform Next tool change or end program

M30(end program)

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HSMAdvisor Pocketing Tutorial

December 12, 2013, 6:24 am

Please check out this tutorial i made for calculating speeds, feeds and engagement when pocketing.

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