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We have just released a pretty important HSMAdvisor v1.217 update!

I strongly encourage everybody to go ahead and install it as it contains some big improvements.

What is new and improved in this update:

  • New Tool Database Status Indicator:
    Status Bar Indicator showing whether the Database file is being written, up to date or if write has failed
  • A Warning now shows up when HSMAdvisor is closed with DB changes not saved.
  • Now you can not close HSMAdvisor until Database file has been written to the disk
  • A local backup copy of Shared database is now created on each computer for cases when connection is unavailable.
  • Fixed the problem when new Tools and Cuts were not added to the shared database
  • Fixed some (./,) locale-related problems.
  • Fixed the problem of some settings not being saved.

I would like to explain one new feature here - The Tool Data Base Status indicator:

On the status bar of HSMAdvisor screen you can now see The Tool Data Base Status indicator (later DB Status) icon.

It can right now show the 3 different states the Tool DB can be in.

These are:

  • - Status: OK
    When Everything is fine you will see the all-green disk icon
  • - Status: Writing
    When DB is being saved to the dist you will see this animated icon with one falling disk
    You will not be able to close HSMAdvisor while writing process is going on.
  • - Status: Error
    When HSMAdvisor was unable to save the latest changes, the icon will show red blinking or solid disks in it
    If you try to shut down HSMAdvisor at this point you will be warned about loosing your changes and prompted to save your current Tool DB if you choose to go forward with closing it.

This is where you can find the DB Status Icon:

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