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Own Tools are gone [FIXED]

February 2, 2016, 2:12 pm
Hello Eldar, I need some help with my user tool database. We own a 3 year floating licence and now after I installed the software on a second computer in the network I wanted to change my user tool database to a network based copy.
  • I created a new folder on one of our servers in the network (available read/write to all network users)
  • After that I copied the xml file named user_tool_lib.tooldb.xml to the new location and tried to link the software to this file via Settings>Load Tool Database> in the dialog I choose the file in the network folder
  • I opened the software again and all my personal tools have gone from the dialog it seems that the link to the network database is not working.
  • If I try to open the user_tool_lib.tooldb.xml all I can see are cryptic symbols. In my Roaming/HSMAdvisor Folder I can see a file named user_tool_lib.xml which I can open (from what I can see my missing tool data is in there)
What do I have to do to get my data back and how do I set the software up to use the network version of the tool database? Best regards Matthias

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