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confuse about Chip thinning and HSM

August 29, 2014, 8:19 am
1045 STEEL, 10FLAT END MILL, 4 flutes , CARBIDE, TIN. DOC:12MM. 1: WOC=DEFAULT=4(40% STEP OVER) RPM 4263, FEED:911, MRR:43.8, TOOL LIFE:161%. 2: WOC=0.8(8% STEP OVER), CHIP THINNING CHECK,HSM check。 RPM=7858,FEED:4642, MRR:44.57(almost the same as above), TOOL LIFE: 89%(MUCH less) what do you prefer??? in condition 2, if uncheck the HSM, then you will get: RPM:4263, FEED:2518, MRR:24.18, TOOL LIFE:288%. that is almost half MRR with almost 2 times tool life of condition 1. and i think it's the same result as condition 1, because you need to mill longer time to remove the same material.

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